Blue Color Felt Balls Wholesale

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Our blue color felt balls are crafted by excellent artists from Nepalies women. The felt balls are made from high-quality felt wool materials. Felt balls are available in 1cm,1.2cm,1.5cm,2cm, 2.5 and 3cm. available in 100 colors If you want to customize we offer any kind of color and size, a range of blue shades to enhance your creative projects. We ensure each bull maintains echo-friendly sustainability globally. The blue color felt balls are mostly used in felt trivet mats, felt garland tea coasters, and felt ball rugs and are specially used for home and office decoration. The felt world trusts a leading felt manufacturing company in Nepal, which supplies felt products at wholesale and retail prices to the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom other European markets. Order now and let your creativity your dream project with us!

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